Leadership Team
Role Name
Principal Vanessa Polin
Assistant Principal Karin Chatwood
Religious Education Coordinator David McConachie
Instructional Specialist Lynda Winwood
Curriculum Coordinator Andrew Miles
Curriculum Coordinator Celine Di Stefano
Curriculum Coordinator Sophie Owen
Curriculum Coordinator Sarah Whiteman
Specialist Teachers
Role Name
Diverse Learning Needs Judith Rowley
English as an Additional Language or Dialect [EALD] Keryn Berghouse
Reading Recovery Helen Lee
Music and Drama Rosanna Marsella
Physical Education Daniel Bettiol
Classroom Teachers
Kelly Campbell
Sue Macdonald
Danielle Purser
Rachael Leo
Tanya Bremner
David McConachie
Natalie Papanikolaou
Ann-Marie Youssef
Lisa McHardy
Melissa Tannous
Keryn Berghouse
Melissa Reghelin
Vanessa Azzopardi
Amanda Tsioustas
Leanne Selby
Learning Support Officers
Jennifer Crippin
Santa Dunne
Rebecca Malouf
Diana Perin
Ros O’Grady
Katherine Wong
Federica Xocato
Family Educator
Julie Lloyd
Financial and Administration Officers
Lisa Hyde
Michelle Cincotta